Fosters allow us to take a dog from the streets or shelter to a home environment.  This gives them the opportunity to begin adjusting to a home and family life. Many shelter dogs do not get this opportunity and this in turn makes them difficult to adopt.  Getting a dog on the road the the future life is what fostering is all about.

By opening your home to a foster you will provide them with much need love, care, medical treatment, socialization, and all the things they need to fit in properly in a home.  This also gives us the opportunity to save more lives!

We are a foster based rescue- meaning we can only save lives with volunteer fosters.  The more we have the more we can save!

Fostering opportunity’s exist for everyone.  We carefully screen homes and place dogs with your family that will fit in well. We want to make the best of every foster and appropriately place dogs with them.

Please complete our foster application if you are interested.

I can’t foster because I would never let them go...

We hear this a lot.  Let us remind you what happens when you foster.

1. A dog is removed from the streets where it has had to scrounge for food, defend itself from both humans and other animals, live and sleep in all the elements.  You provide a home.

2. A dog is removed from a shelter.  Shelters are not pretty, clean, loving places.  Often they are city shelters that maintain absolute minimum standards when caring for a dog.  They are hot in summer, bitterly cold in winter.  They don’t provide comfort.  They only provide containment, food (usually the cheapest available or donated), and water.  That’s it.  You provide a home.

3. A dog is not euthanized.  In our area, the majority of shelters are kill shelters.  If a dog is never adopted, fostered, or reclaimed- the are simply killed to make room for the next occupant.  Dead.  No more chances.  You provide a home.