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if  you are interested in adopting any of these amazing dogs or are looking to adopt in the future!

Adoption Fee $175

Transport can be arranged to virtually anywhere in the United States and even Canada.  Fees vary but are approximately $250 USD and can be arranged by adopter or Be Intentional.

For Canadian Adoptions an import tax must be paid on the adoption fees.  This varies based on the exchange rate.  It is billed to the adopter the day before arrival in Canada.  Currently, it is approximately $165.00 USD.

We do not foster outside of our local area (Orange County, Texas).  We physically monitor and vet all dogs in Texas and cannot do this out of state.  It is also against Canadian regulations to send dogs to foster care in Canada.  They must go straight to an adopter.  We do appreciate offers for foster care but we do not want to jeopardize our relationship with Canada.

Questions regarding applications:

1. I do not see the dog I want to adopt on your website.

If the dog has not been vetted it will not be placed on our website as available for adoption.  We do network them on social media to both other rescues as well as adopters.  There is a huge shortage of fosters here in Texas and many dogs are still in shelters and we network them for rescue.  If a dog goes to another rescue we will let you know where they went and you can pursue adoption through that rescue.  If you have placed an application with us we will forward to them but you may also have to complete their adoption process.

2.  The dog I wanted went to another rescue and was adopted.

We do not have control over what another rescue does with a dog transferred to them.  We work with several amazing rescues to help our local shelters keep their kennels empty.  Once a dog is transferred it is up to them on how they proceed with placing the dog with a family.

3.  My adoption application was denied. I don’t understand why.

The main reasons we deny applications are:

a. The dog does not fit your lifestyle. For example, you work 12 hours a day and picked out a very active border collie or lab.  It is best to research the breed before you search for a dog and pick a breed that best suits your lifestyle.  Active breeds for active lifestyles, lazy breeds for less active lifestyles.

b.  Your vet reports you do not regularly purchase flea/heartworm prevention for your current pets.  We spend approximately $500 to treat dogs for heartworm when an $8/month pill can prevent this.  Heartworms kill.  Buy the pill.

c. Your current pets aren’t spayed or neutered and your getting a puppy.  That puppy exists because a dog wasn’t spayed or neutered.  Unless you are breeding for the betterment of the breed/a specific purpose for the dog/ have done genetic testing/medical condition precludes spay or neuter...then there isn’t a satisfactory reason for your pet to not be spayed or neutered.  We will immediately deny your application until you show proof your pet is spayed or neutered.

d. No fence/no means of containment or exercise.  Dogs require exercise.  Have a plan.  One walk a day is not enough.

e. Dog is going to be primarily outside.  We don’t adopt yard art.  (There is an exception for working dogs)

f. History of rehoming dogs.  We research better than the FBI...we will find out.  Be honest if you have done this and give us the full story.  There are legitimate reasons to rehome a dog.

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