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Rescues and Shelters are currently inundated with dogs and cats.  Euthanasia for space is at an all time high due to owner surrenders and stray.  Our goal is to help alleviate some of that problem through keeping pets in safer spaces.

Please click the link to enter the information about the pet you would like to rehome.  It must be complete or we cannot post.  We may contact you for more information.  It is important that you be completely honest in order for us to have the best chance of success.


What you recieve in return:

  • We will network your dog to both rescues and potential adopters.
  • We will provide you with neccesities if you need them.
  • We will screen potential adopters with our adoption application and give you our opinion.
  • You can choose your adoptor.

What we ask:

  • Let us know if you rehome your dog on your own.
  • Ask a $50 rehoming fee and donate to Be Intentional to help cover costs of supplies and vetting.
  • Help us help you- be honest about your pet.
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